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Ending a piece with music (VIDEO)

How should you add music to the end of your piece? Rivet production whiz George Drake, Jr. walks you through some best practices.

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When it’s time to make changes to your podcast

I started a podcast in May 2014 called Car Con Carne: The World’s Only Barbecue Podcast Recorded in a Car. The show’s title served as the elevator pitch: It’s a podcast recorded in my car outside barbecue restaurants. Yes, it’s ridiculous, but I believe podcasts should have a distinct position.

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Using music as a segment break (VIDEO)

Wanna “hit the post?” Rivet production whiz George Drake, Jr. shows you how to use music for segment breaks.

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Notes from some great sessions at the Excellence in Journalism 2015 convention in Orlando, Fla.

From the great Al Tompkins at the Poynter Institute:

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Top 5 things you need to broadcast on a budget

As an amateur podcaster with small pockets, I know how difficult making a quality audio program can be. I’ve spent a fair amount of money on high-quality accessories, but I still have nowhere close to a professional studio. Many people resort to what they have: Cell phones and laptops as microphones and “quiet spaces” like garages or basements as studios. While these work out just fine for some people, here’s my list of five things I see as “must-haves” for creating a broadcast-ready podcast or radio show:

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How did I do that? Anatomy of a story’s creation

I recently published a piece about why the tech industry favors female names/voices in modern technology. To help you understand what’s involved with building content like this, I’ve broken down every step, from concept to publication. Before I get into that stuff, give the story a listen:

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Where to find sound for your content (VIDEO)

As we’ve mentioned before in our Fair Use post, you need to be careful when sourcing external audio content. Rivet production whiz George Drake, Jr. shows you some essential resources and ways to get royalty-free audio.

Using music as an intro (VIDEO)

Want to use music to kick off your story or show? Rivet audio production ace George Drake, Jr. shows you how.

Voiceover resources

Professionally-voiced intros can make a show “pop,” and help enhance a show’s brand.

Here are some ways to find voiceovers on the cheap. It’s important to point out we haven’t used all of these services; we’re merely compiling some of what’s “out there” for your consideration and scrutiny.

Fiverr – For as little as $5,

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Audio Production – Editing within words (VIDEO)

Editing words in a clean, impossible-to-detect, way is easier than you’d expect. In this video, Rivet production wiz George Drake, Jr. walks you through how to edit within (rather than between) words.

Where should you record?

Unless you’re specifically trying to include ambient noise in a story or piece of content, we recommend recording somewhere quiet.

Most non-industry audio creators don’t have a tricked-out, soundproofed, acoustically-perfect home studio. You can tip the odds in your favor by retreating to the most quiet place in your home (smaller rooms, even closets, tend to work well).

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Audio Production – Matching Levels (VIDEO)

Maintaining consistent levels is critical when you’re using multiple sound sources in a recording. In this video, Rivet production wiz George Drake, Jr. walks you through how to match levels:

Phone interviews and Skype

Depending on the content you’re producing, you may want to include phone guests.

The easiest way to call phone guests over a computer is Skype.

Skype allows you to make person-to-person video calls, as well as make and receive calls from landlines and mobile phones (a nominal subscription fee’s required).

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Recording your show – hardware

Before you start planning a show, you’ll need to have a way to record it. The options are dizzying, and vary in both quality and cost.

While we couldn’t possibly come up with a “definitive list” of equipment resources, we wanted to offer up a handful of starter ideas, based on experience level: rookie and amateur (if you’re a pro, you probably feel pretty secure in the equipment choices you’ve made).

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